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Thread: Limousine Reservation Software

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    We at CorporateCarOnline would welcome an independant review of our reservation systems as we are sure would any reputable company providing service to the Livery Industry.

    We encourage input from our customers. Their input is what enables our company and products to grow! The Livery Company is the end user and this is why we chose an internet based solution to offer our clients, which allows us to make changes and integrations as we receive requests and recommendations. If your current provider is not listening to your suggestions I can assure you that there is a number of vendors in this business that are.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Dane:
    Do most limousine/transporation companies have separate Reservationists and Dispatchers or are they one in the same

    Hi Dane,
    I would guess that only the very large companies have these positions as seperate and specialists in thier field. Many small to mid size operators will most likely have one or maybe two people doing this task on a daily basis (many times the owners). And doing these tasks is just that, they do both of them and are trained at doing both. One may give one a priority to one task at a certain time but none the less they have to preform both. If all the runs are dispatched and all cars are idle but the phones are going crazy with reservations you can be assured that if i had an employee say to me "Oh, no I do not take reservations, I am a dispatcher" they would be fired.

    It is when you get to the point in your business that there is no Idle time and you are constantly dealing with dispatch issues and do not even have time to take a reservation where you start thinking about a full time dedicated dispatcher and a dedicated reservationist. And hopefully you realize you are at this point before your dispatching and reservations suffer for trying to stretch your employees to thin.

    Another task you forgot to mention is the accounting function. Many large companies have a dedicated person for this as well. And in my experience I always trained my employees to answer the rudimentary financial questions that people called in with.

    Steve Walker


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