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Thread: Affiliate Contract/Agreement Question

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    Default Affiliate Contract/Agreement Question

    I'm beginning to share referrals with another small local limousine company. Would anyone have a sample contract/agreement that they would be willing to share and that I would blatantly plagarize?

    Thanks for any consideration you would extend.

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    Do not have a contract for you sorry. What we currently do is have our basic rules print out on our affilate trip sheet on Limo Anywhere so every one we farm to gets them. If they read them and follow them determines if they ever get another job from us again.

    Here is a post I did a while ago on the subject of farming, may raise some other points for ya:

    So some pointers from me to you:
    Get to know all your competitors, See which one of them meet the same service level standards you provide your customers. See what kind of drivers they hire and how they train them and how they behave.

    Once you find a few good companies approach them on establishing a contract or set of rules for them to follow when they do work for you and you agree to a set of rules for their clients. Some things to include:
    1. The drivers represent the booking company, they do not try to steer the client to their own company, they carrry the business cards of the booking company and present them when asked or when giving a cell phone number to contact the driver. Also airport signs are generic, no company info. Or provide a link to your own companies airport sign and have them print some out and use them. (we include a link to ours on the affiliate trip sheet )
    2. Payment terms if one company collects for the other company how is that handled, how are credit card transactions handled, Check from the client are made out to who? Are they even allowed to collect?
    3. Signage on the limousines, some companies plaster the side of their limos with their name and phone number, decide if this is acceptable to you or is just bumper advertising appropriate, or none at all. No business cards or brochures displayed on the interior of the limousine
    4. What to do if one of the companies cannot complete the run that they accepted, do they try to farm it to another company, or just give it back to you to handle.
    5. Agree on certain driver standards, Dress, reaching the driver (cell, radio, pagers), Communication: Driver callls your dispatch when they are in route, onlocation, POB, Clear. And they answer the phone when with the client or no? Behavior :arriving 10min early for pick up, opening doors, carrying luggage, smoking, cleaning of limo during run, articles left behind by the passenger - return on thier own time and dime? or give to you to handle?
    6. Agree on certain vehicle standards, Clean, AC working, damage, all features operational, year make and model, color. Also agree on vehicle supbstitution policies - Can they do it without notifing you? Upgrading OK?
    7. Agree on rates or agree to accept the rates of another company, hopefully you will always be close when it comes to rates so there would never be a problem.
    8. Agree on commission/discount structure and what happens if customers are dissatisfied, refund the gratuity?
    9. Make books open to each other, meaning you do a run and they say they are charging the client 55 an hour, its below your normal rate but you agree to do it anyway. Can you check the other companies books to see what the client was actually charged? A good relationship requires honesty any company who is honest would be glad to show you they did not charge that client 75 an hour.
    10. Agree on driver pay, do drivers get the same amount for farmins as they do for regular customers, you do not want pissed off drivers servicing your clients because they make less on your runs than they do their own companies customers.
    11. Agree on data storage of client information. I do 100 jobs for you, did I just add 100 names for my next marketing mailing? Specify what data can be kept and how it can be used.
    Steve Walker


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