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Thread: 19 year-old's limousine service getting noticed - AZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick E. View Post
    I'm certainly not going to disagree with you and say that phone books are not past their prime. But, I know of quite a few successful, relatively new limousine services that are not net-dependent. Some have done it with a salesperson hooking into hotel, sports team, casino or entertainment (tv show) market segments.
    Sounds like a lot of eggs in one basket. The thing I like about the internet is that I can make as many advertisements that I want (webpages) to hook into dirfferent markets: airports, wine tours, party crowd, etc etc. We have a major contract with a television station - the station found us online. You can only do so much with a phone book. As far as casinos, I was talking to someone who lost casino revenues to the tune of a quarter million because the casino cut the limo company out of the picture and purchased their own vehicles. I have a casino literally 5 minutes from my shops front door and can be there if they call. I did not bother going through their process of being put in the "limo company rotation" because they really don't pay all that much. Instead I focus on bringing people TO the casino for the night instead of working WITH/FOR the casino. They now have a small fleet of vehicles and one of my chauffeurs drives for the casino as well - but he says he at times is not doing much of anything (casino business is slow). I have considered hiring a commission based salesperson but how motivated are they really? I cannot afford to pay one. I cannot at this time pound pavement during the day (still work full time) but we have grown to 6 cars and I attribute this to mostly internet marketing. Sorry to take this thread off topic but I am interested in as many different ways to market as I possibly can.
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