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Thread: New to this site..I need advise of starting a limo company

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    Quote Originally Posted by transporter View Post
    In todays times limo busines is going to disapear or become something else because there is no business not even to pay or just to pay bills, you get in this business today without eny regular clients and without eny corporate contracts which will keep you bussy 5-7 days per week with one vehicle you will go broke in a couple of months, stay away from this business this is definately the wrong time for it.

    Do you think this is a good business once the economy gets back up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cedar Mill Limousine View Post
    I believe recessions can be the best time to get into new ventures. Just make sure you are business savvy and have done your research.
    Funny, I received a positive and a negative rep point for this statement. Our company not only paid all of it's bills last year, but we did it with no advertising except for our website. This year we are off to a great start with referrals and repeat customers. We have slightly expanded our advertising. We are not a large company by any means, but we will survive and continue to build on this foundation. If you are going to start a business in a recession make sure you have done your research for your market. I would also suggest that you keep your debts to a minimum. While many companies are lowering their prices (and sulking in pessimism and depression) in order to keep their cars rolling, they are also going to slack on their services and maintenance. Now is the time to come in with the fresh new face and impress.

    Just make sure the numbers add up-numbers don't lie, lairs do numbers.
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    Don't expect help from locals (competitors) during these tough times.

    Secondly, if you have zero experience in the luxury chauffeuring industry, what will you offer to the consumer that sets you apart from the competition?

    Takes more than weekend warrior work to turn a dime & it takes a lot of sacrifice, skill, tenacity, education, time & cash to sustain this type of business.
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    Yeah ALL THAT 4 Sure. $50,000.00 to buy a couple cars? I know where NOT to send you!!! That was just a little inside NAMELESS ONE joke...LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrQ45Limo View Post
    Yeah ALL THAT 4 Sure. $50,000.00 to buy a couple cars? I know where NOT to send you!!! That was just a little inside NAMELESS ONE joke...LOL

    I dunno Q, the nameless one may be just the guy to get him in "tha biz" on a 50K budget.

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    You need to get a chauffeurs license first. I started my business 16 years ago when i was 21, i didn't even think of a business plan, i wanted to do limousines, my parents helped me get a loan for my first limo, and i have been doing it ever since. In this day and age, if you want to get a loan (good Luck) come up with a business plan for at least 5 year progression. I would also try constant contact, which is an email service and send out feelers. What i mean is send out emails to potential clients asking them what they would want from a local limo service. Your in the buffalo area, you may want a regular suv for airports and corporate, with all the snow you get up their.

    Winter for me is probably the slowest time, after christmas before spring. NOW!
    You want to get a $50,000.00 loan. Where did you get that figure? You need to see what you want to buy, how much it will cost, plus any other fees and purchases you need, then figure out your loan amount. Hopefuly the credit market is open.

    Come up with a couple of names, then go to the county building to file for a dba, i know i had to search to make sure no one else was using the same name. Then file for your dba. *note: if you are running the biz out of your home, it is better to incorporate, or become an LLC to protect you personally.

    Insurance is 1.5 million worth of coverage with full comp and collision. Don't go less than that. Especially since you might be running into canada.
    Contact your county offices to see if their are any other licenses that the city of buffalo may require to run a limo business.

    Hope this helps
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