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Thread: 1990 Lincoln Towncar electrical questions?

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    Default 1990 Lincoln Towncar electrical questions?

    Hey all gotta a question for you! I am attempting to get the kinks worked out of this car. My battery started to be dead all the time. So my mechanic unplugged the box in the front floor board to see if it was pulling too much from battery. So had the alternator rebuilt and battery stayed charged. Now when he pluggs the box back in it drains the battery again. Didn't do it before. Am I leaving something one in the back to drain it, maybe a short or a lose wire,etc? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Got a run on March 15th. So trying to get the problem fixed fast. Don't make fun of me but is it called a converter box?

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    This could be almost anything, LCM (Lighting Control Module), an aftermarket stereo system going bad, a pinched wire somewhere, a bad ground on something. I assume that the box he un-plugged is the main fuse box at the firewall, if so it's most-likely going to be a problem in the original Lincoln area, not something in the rear stretch area. The rear stretch area should be working off of a totally different circuit than the front is.


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