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Thread: LimoAnywhere Purchase

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    Quote Originally Posted by JHNPTRLIMO View Post
    Unless you fixed it the link for the demo wasnt working for at least a month, cause I tried it a few times. And I only knew of that because it was mentioned in a forum. I have not seen or heard of it otherwise. If I knew it was working or you had that still I would have definitely tried that 1st prior to dropping down any money. As a suggestion.... maybe you should advertise that on your site...unless you do and I am just missing it.
    I certainly don't want to argue with you, but our demo has been operational for years and if you guys did not purchase the software immediately after your personal presentation, the links to our public demo would have been sent to you right then and there. The links you found online were probably outdated and/or incorrect. We don't post links to our public demos all over the net for obvious reasons. Would you mind posting the link you found so that we can setup a redirect on our servers in case it is one of the old demos that is no longer in operation?

    As for posting the demo info on our website, the page where you go to
    "request a free demo" actually does say that "if you like what you see in your personal presentation, we'll let you try it for free" (
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    We like LimoAnywhere, and aside from a few piddling issues that werenít even significant enough to warrant a call to customer support, have never found any real fault with the system.

    The affiliate locator function brought in business and paid off the initial investment and a couple yearsí worth of fees in no time at all. LA continues to pay for itself many-many times over with the online booking module too.

    The LA Mobile function is great; those of you that have not tried it should give it a shot.

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    Has anyone here on the forum used this company? Let me know if you have and what are your thoughts. The company I am talking about is

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    i am considering purchase of limo anywhere. i really need to manage my accounts and reservations. im still paper and pencil and with only 3 cars it works but im afraid for the future it will turn into a big mess.
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    Limoxonline offers automated price quotes and online reservation. much cheaper than imoanywhere. I have been using them for a while and it's been easy and practicle.

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    If you run alot of airports each day and use LimoAnywhere can you please contact/PM me.

    I am on the fence about switching from ULS to LimoAnywhere. I do not use ULS reservation system as it will not do what I want it to do.

    I need a solution that is going to take my online reservations into a software system and is a simple solution to integrate and easy for customers without a lot of confusion. I use a great booking tool right now for online rez on my airport site but I need a solution that will accept them directly into the software program.

    I need to know how functional their airport reservation system is for the average person. Is it difficult for people to look up a price and reserve online etc.
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    Thumbs up Limoanywhere

    LimoAnywhere is an excellent system for airport runs. I have many customers who book directly from the website, itís easy and they love it. Donít forget the awesome support that you get from Max and his team, its priceless!
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    Jim30: I am assuming you have already seen the system in its present state and since you are still deciding, we would like to show you what changes we have made to our new system. This way by the time you are ready to go, we can start you with our new release instead of the current one.

    We plan on releasing the Beta to all of our customers (for mass testing basically) by the end of this week and you can take a look at what we have done so far. We have made quite a few improvement to the back-office system and have many more that will be rolled out throughout the next few months. The online reservation system is also going to get a functional facelift and the reservation screen will be shrunk even more (from three steps to just two).

    Shoot me an email at if you'd like to have a brief walk-through or just contact the person you have worked with. I'll let our guys know that you might be contacting them regarding this.


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