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Thread: Avis/WeDriveU Hurting Limo Ops

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    Cool we drive u -avis

    Quote Originally Posted by Earl Metcalf View Post
    A Guy here in Michigan did this same thing a few years back in the Bus business. You pay one fee to "rent" the Bus from him and you are welcome to drive it yourself but if you wished to have A Driver, He would provide you with a list of Drivers you could hire to be your Employee. You make the deal with the Driver. The Drivers only paid him to be on his list.

    No need for MDOT/USDOT authority because he "unbundled" the service. No need to worry about the IRS because the person "renting" the bus was the Drivers Employer. Little did the "Renter/ Employer" know what kind of can of worms he was getting himself into if there was an accident. Basicly it became a private coach.
    unfortunately there is nothing we can do about avis I am a legal operator in Miami and also feel they are taking a slice of the pie from us but unfortunately they are not braking any laws every citizen is allowed to hire a driver to drive his/her car and no special license nor training is required, avis is too powerfull to be fought with they can purchase any big limo company in US and become the largest if they want to, I am definately not defendig them but just thinking logicaly, the Airports will not do anything because it is not their concern but they will charge us $3 every time we get in +parking fees that's Miami folks Until the County or State make a law that says that any driver/chauffeur for hire must have HACK license there is nothing we can do in Europe this is normal for rent-a car company to provide a driver no one complains because there is no law forbiding them

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    Default 3 years later what happened ?

    Sorry, I am new here but this We drive really intrigued me. It seemed as if everyone though this would kill the limo business or that Avis would fold after legislation. I just looked at the we drive you web site and it seems as if they are still in business, so my question is what happened ? Did it impact the limo business as you thought it would and why were they not shut down ?

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    I think California deemed they have to be licensed like a sedan/limo company. I don't see AVIS as a threat, they can have the cheapskate airport customers.


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