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    Angry Barry lefkowitz

    Earlier today I received the word from a state association that the NLA had cashiered BARRY LEFKOWITZ . Given the fact that many of us retain NLA membership only because of BARRY's ceaseless lobbying for state and national issues, this move makes absolutely NO SENSE. For those of you who don't like BARRY's selection of issues please remember that the NLA Board points him in the direction they wish to go. What is undeniable is the great work BARRY has done and will continue to be doing for local associations. He has made a tremendous difference and won numerous victories in this country and Canada. The NLA was unknown on Capital Hill before Barry and his deep congressional connections will be sorely missed. This move will prove out to be one of the biggest-out of many- mistakes the NLA has ever made. THIS POST APPROVED BY NLA FOUNDER RICHARD RAMIS, MY MENTOR.
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    Mr. Lefkowitz has helped my Association, the Maryland Limousine Association, with numerous local and national issues.

    I participated in the most recent Day on the Hill, and the fact that we were well received by numerous high profile political figures in surely due in no small part to Mr. Lefkowitz's efforts.

    I just have to shake my head in dismay and ask, why?

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    Barry is like a gun with a bullet. All he needs is some one to aim at a target and he will hit it. Dean is dead on in his commentary. NLA has become a former presidents fan club which doesn't appreciate the value of a quality political hound dog like Barry. Their gain is the assocations loss.
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    I have not been following Barry's or the NLA's escapades for awhile. What I do know is that both the gas guzzler & RIDE Act were an exercise of incompetence and amateurism.
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