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Thread: The LimoBus Party Bus Business

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    Default The LimoBus Party Bus Business

    Hello everyone;
    I have been observing this forum for sometime and now I believe it is time to actively participate.
    First let me introduce my self as a one car Limo operater who started business in May of this year 2008. I purchased a 2000 Lincoln Town Car made by Dabryan the car is almost like new and runs great.

    As a a newby I had many choices pertaining to vehicles including the gorgeous Chrysler 300, based on all reports I am so happy I did not purchase that vehicle. It does have some serious issues with air conditioning and electrical systems.
    My marketing approach is actually bundling my existing Wedding Videography business with my Limo biz.

    I have kept very detailed records since I started this business and I find that 80% of my calls are for party buses which I end up outsourcing of course with a small referral fee. It appears to me that the party bus Limo business is more profitable than the SUV business only 5% of my calls request SUV stretches. My customers are elated when I tell them about party buses,,, not so much about the SUV;s.

    Anyway can I get some feedback on the Limo bus sector of this exciting but challenging Limo business. I have done research and I do know that the barriers to entry are extremely high especially insurance...........anyway I await feedback

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    Well I've been up and running for about a month now and WOW! We are the 1st and Only party bus in my area and were really booming! My area is still in shock when they see the bus because is the 1st in our area and boy, do they love it!

    Check out our bus on our website
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccpartybus View Post
    Well I've been up and running for about a month now and WOW! We are the 1st and Only party bus in my area and were really booming! My area is still in shock when they see the bus because is the 1st in our area and boy, do they love it!

    Insurence isn't that bad just dont mention its a party bus inform them its a shuttle bus way cheaper on our part.

    Check out our bus on our website
    You may want to reconsider being less than completely honest with your insurance carrier. It could cost you dearly down the road.

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    You can make any vehicle profitable if you know how to sell it.

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    You really did a good job on your party bus,,, I know you saved a bunch of $$$$. However, since I am primarily targeting wedding clients ,,, bachelor and bachelorette parties I will need to have a vehicle that can be used for multipurposes that is weddings and parties ( removable center pole , parameter seats, plasma TV and disco lights are a must. I have seen some moving mortgages in the limo digest e.g 33 passenger party bus $110,000.
    Most companies down here in florida will customize a bus starting at $14,000.

    I guess my plan would be to buy a used bus and then have it customized ,,,,trying to stay under $40,000............... However, from the data I ahave collected over the past 3 months the Limo buses have better $$$$ potential than the SUV.
    by the way 0 calls for a hummer

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    Lowground, I know that my conversion is not top-notch, but it's better than most party buses in my area. Plus, this is my first conversion so I will learn from it and my next will be even better. BTW, after plates, insurance, inspection and all I will have less than 8k total in the bus, leaving me with a great low-budget money-making machine. I will make twice the money per hour for half the investment of my Lincoln stretch.

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    Cant help but agree with you digger ,,, the prices I see on these party buses are ridiculous ,,,however based on my observations once again ,, they are in HIGH demand and are definitely $$$$ makers. by the time I get around to purchasing a party bus you will be the party bus conversion PRO!!!! sounds like some extra bucks for you Digger Stay in Touch !!!!!!!

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    As Sal stated, entering into an insurance contract knowingly providing false information is insurance fraud and extremely easy to catch; along with the claim being denied and you left with the responsibility to pay damages but you will also have the crimial charges that come with it.

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    Low- do you read LCT? The entire issue last month was devoted to party buses from cover to cover. Buses ARE money makers. If you are getting 5% of calls for stretched SUV's you are getting 4% more than me and I have a 20 pax Excursion that is white elephant.
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    Default Party Bus discussion

    Would definitely like to read that article. My subscription to LCT expired I actually renewed it yesterday. I would like to read what they have to say about party buses. But I do know my stats are real as a matter of fact , a young lady just called and said she no longer needs the towncar this saturday because the group has increased from 10 persons to 14 and they will look for a bus not an SUV instead. I have already booked the bus for this Saturday night, I guess I will be satisfied with my referrall fee.
    By the way I am in Tallahassee right next To FSU which is a Party University!!!!! Lots of competition with all types of vehicles, But I am hitting the concrete daily and seeing results from my website which I am still working on
    No comment on the insurance issue

    CAn anyone recommend sources for good deals on shuttle buses.( besides e-bay) I am actually looking at a E550 diesel.

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    Digger, who are you going through on your insurance? Being a new business, we pretty much got raked over the coals for the first years premium. I think total we paid a little over $14000 but that was the lowest quote we got. I'm hoping we save some here when our policy come up for renewal.

    BTW, we spent about $18,000 on our bus and did all the work ourselves but it was a school but so there was a little more work (and $$$) involved,,,i.e. A/C units, Power Generators etc. But, when you look at what we're getting per hour I guess it's would be considered a money maker. We're looking at purchasing and converting another bus right now. We either want to do a smaller shuttle bus or a transit bus. I just can't see paying $40,000 for a 10 year old limo bus.

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    Do you have any pics of your conversion ?Also you may need to try Northland Insurance
    What was the greatest challenge doing the conversion?
    Did you rip all the seats out or just modify them?
    Do you have a website ?
    Yep lots of questions for the obvious reason

    You may also find these links interesting $24,000.00 $26,000.00

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    You can check our website out.

    Mounting the generator was def the most challenging part so if you're going with a shuttle bus you shouldn't have to do that.

    As you can see from the pics on our site we did a combination of building new seats and keeping some old. One side we have two "restaurant style" seating with tables. We just used the original bus seats and flipped them around to creat the "booth" feel.
    The long benches we build from scratch and used a wood 2x4 frame. I also custom built the speaker boxes to fit inside our seats. (Lesson learned, build the speaker boxes first, then build your seat frames to fit around it) It was hell getting them to fit. We've got a pretty crazy sound system in there. 2 15 inch subs, 2 10 inch subs, 2 6x9's and 2 6" comps. Since we had leftover power from our RV Generator we used a 2000 watt PA amp to power the subs and it save us some cash.

    We power almost everything on the bus with our generator. It's a 7500 Watt Generac RV generator. We power 2 15,000 BTU RV A/C units. Our 2000 Watt Amp, LCD TV, and all of our lighting. (we went a little over the top on the lighting as you can see on the site but people absolutley love the lights) Spent about $1000 on the lights.

    If you have any specific questions or things you would like to know about I can send you pics. We'd be glad to help out.

    We learned a ton while doing this thing and will def do a few things differnt the next time around.

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    The article last month in LCT was very good about the limo buses. I agree that buses to make a great add on to any companies fleet but I have to say I have to Stretch SUV's that make close to $80,000 a piece each year. Not bad by SUV standards. All Limo's have there place in the industry but buses help with securing the week day work.

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    WOW!!! the lights are awesome!!! my conversion should be a lot easier since I will be only doing a shuttle bus,, some pics will be helpful I will send you an e-mail

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