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Thread: Wireless/mobile credit card machines

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    Wireless terminals are the rage but there are fixed costs involved which may or may not make it viable. Monthly access fee's terminal rental fee's, Yes you lower your Banking fee's a bit by actually swipping the card yet by the time you add in the terminal and access fee's the savings have been eaten up. call it the cost of doing business it will m ake you sleep better at night...

    I'm not worried about the cost(to a point). I just don't wanna get screwed for not authorizing a card(over the phone) for overtime, or when a clients friend decides to pay last minute. I need to check into it to see how fast it works. If you're curbside blocking a valet and the authorization is going slow, that wiould suck big time. Other than that, it looks good to me.
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    What's the motivation of wanting a card swipe terminal in the car?

    As far as I can tell, the primary reason for a terminal in the car is the transaction cost difference between a card present charge vs just typing the numbers in on a keyboard.

    What other element play into the rate though? What if you were able to capture a signature on the spot electronically vs. the card swipe? Would it matter?

    I spoke with a CC processor the other day to discuss their take on signature capture vs. a card present / swipe rate and was surprised they had no difference between the two yet - but he said other companies might.

    I then asked about a swipe AND a electronic signature capture - no difference with them again it turns out.
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    When I started 5yrs. ago, I didn't use c.c, only cash was accepted. Then after 8 month's, I joined up with Landmark Merchant Solution's . I didn't want to lease a machine so the only other option they had was the old school way: manual imprint. They sent me a manual swiper, blank credit card slip's, and a toll-free # to call from cell phone to get approval on spot.
    Well I included the c.c logo's on website and all marketing to promote the new payment option. Within 1 month, bussiness increased 40%!!! Now 85% of all revenue is paid with a c.c.. I don't think I would be in biz right now without this option, it's easier for a customer to use a company or personal credit card than carrying cash.
    The rate for this is higher than a hard card swipe (using a machine that capture's data from magnetic strip on card). And it takes a few more day's to recieve deposit in bank, about 5 day's compared to 3 with a hard swipe.
    Then 2yrs. ago, I was introduced to the WayPhone by a friend. This "phone" is not a phone that call's out or in. The phone look's like a cell phone. On the side is a crdit card magnet reader biult in. The phone automatically searches for strongest network to get approval ANYWHERE!!! Plus, the WayPhone print's via infared to a mini printer which can be clipped on belt. It can be used with any merchant, all you have to do is send it in to their tech. dept. to download appropriate software. Landmark did this for free!!
    Only catch is the phone cannot be bought at your local walmart, only one distributor in N. America and only a few salespeople. I paid $530 for the complete set-up, which I keep and can sell when not needed anymore. It's a HOT, rare phone so re-couping the majority back when time to sell should be easy.
    The rate using a hard card swipe was several point's lower so if you have high volume with c.c's, then those few point's could save you a lot of $$ in c.c. processing fee's.
    But check out landmark, they are now offering a $500 gaurantee for the lowest rates, free online account access, free 15 page web-design. Customer service is awesome, same people are there 5yrs. later. No problem's at all with them.

    About the gratuity, that's why this thread is so as you can see from the posting's, it's a sensitive issue. I implement a 15% mandatory gratuity on all charter run's, no grat. required on airport transfer's. I know, sound's dumb, but we get more airport customer's telling us they like that they can tip the driver what they think he/she EARNED. Plus it makes the driver work for their tip. I noticed at the airport's many times when our competitor's driver's were lazy, didn't open door's for people, asked for help to put luggage in trunk, driving like speed racer, messed up hair/no shave, maybe because they know they will get a tip no matter how bad or lazy they are. I just started with the 15% grat. on charter's 2yrs. ago because too many penny-pusher's forgot about the tip (at least that's what the driver's But when poelpe are shopping, they notice we are 5% lower on grat. and on overall cost comparison to competitor's. Work's for us!!


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