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Thread: Ideas for preventing negligent damage

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    Brainstorm with me a couple of ideas that companies use, or could potentially use to minimize damage due to carelessness/simple negligence:

    Anyone have ideas gleaned from other fleet industries? SBC? Post Office? UPS? Cable Company?

    Remember brainstorming can include crazy ideas....

    1) Initial safety training
    2) Ongoing safety training
    3) Policy forbidding backing up in a company vehicle
    4) Policy forbidding pulling into a customer's driveway
    5) Policy requiring a call in to dispatch for permission to place a vehicle into reverse gear.
    6) Backup sensors in rear bumper
    7) Backup camera in rear of vehicle
    8) ????
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    No Parallel parking allowed - only park in place you can pull into and pull straight out of

    List of place around town they are not allowed to pull into to pick up drop off - some hotels, some restaurants, some parking lots.

    Must request assistance from other employees, chauffeurs, taxi driver when attempting backing maneuvers in shop area or out in public when available.

    Driver always opens all doors - customers never do

    No street parking allowed when waiting - must always use lot (even if parking fee involved)

    No using cell phone / radio while driving
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    Dont just look outside your vehicle, look inside your vehicle as well.

    Are there shop objects (corners, steel pieces, screws, wood spliters).

    How about the glasses you use in your bar, are they heavy enough that they wont break when dropped? Its hard to stop a vehicle going down the hiway at 55 mph with a few partyers in the back and broken glass on the floor.

    If you use strobes in your vehicle can you be sued if someone has a seizure? if you do maybe you will need an add on in the contract signing off on it?

    I am also a Service Manager in a Ford dealership so this is something I deal with every hour of every day.


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