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    Hello, I run a limousine company here in Upstate, ny and also a bad check collection agency. I work this way and people love it. I dont get paid for my work unless I collect on your bad check debt. I get 15% of the debt. Therefore, a $100 job for me to collect costs you $15.00 not too bad at least you got something from that jerk that would not pay anything. To have us collect for you it is simple. Take a photocopy of the check, original contract for the job and a cover sheet with your company’s name address and telephone number. Fax it to us at 518-864-7522, We will start trying to collect. If we collect we will mail you a check drawn off our account for you in the amount of the job less 15%. No Upfront costs, No Contracts for you to sign ect.. I started this side business simply because I could not stand paying other people to do the same thing and I have been very successful. Give me a try!..

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    You should also post your service in our Limousine Search Center

    Others will see your service if you advertise it there as well.


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    Most people are not aware that in some cases if you take a bad chedk to small claims court you may be able to collect up to 3 times the amount of the check. You may want to check out this before turning it over to a collection agency.


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