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Thread: Rare or Obscure 1961 Chrysler Gia Quest!

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    I have recently been told that the Italian made 1961 Chrysler Imperial GIA Limo that I have in my wrecking yard is one of only nine such cars made. The owner of # 8 saw it and thought that I ought to know how rare it was.

    Does anyone know how I could obtain more information this car. If this Limo is in fact as rare as I've been told I'll be quite amazed... especially that 2 of these should end up in a rural Northern Calif. town far
    from anyone making over $500,000 per decade.


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    Contact -- The gentleman's name is Dick Hall -- if he don't know, no one does!

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    Its very kind of Michael to say so but its not true.
    I may be able to help a little, or at least point you in the right direction.
    Ghia (not Gia)is an Italian coachbuilder and stylist based I believe in Turin Italy that makes a number of body styles in the up market range for regular cars manufacturers. Ford,British Leyland etc,for example the Ford Escort Ghia was a regular car styled by Ghia under contract to Ford Notor Company that was the top of the Escort Range in Europe. A lot of walnut on the interior, leather seats,more soundproofing, better sound system, Ghia have a little badge the shape of a shield with their name in a classy script, that goes on all their models. It is very possible that Ghia took under Chrysler auspices maybe nine 61 Imperials and did the conversion work themselves. Nine seems a strange number, again maybe one was a prototype that was tested by the Chrysler folks, and the others sold, and I suggest you contact them and they are bound to have information because nothing would have been done without Factory approval. Now the bad news I do not think even restored that there is significant value in these vehicles because Chrysler never went into mass production as limousines or produced a heavy duty model for other coachbuilders. Interesting though.
    Good luck
    Dick Hall

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    The Auto Collection at the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV recently added a 1955 Chryler Ghia Special Sport Coupe. You might ask them for any info on other Chryler projects. Rich Clyne is the fellow who may know, or his partner Don Williams.

    Good Luck,


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    check out

    the folks on this mailing list/ bbs/ website are rich with Imperial knowledge and will be thrilled to know of another Ghia's existance.

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    Go to
    They have a similar based forum there that deals with nothing but Chrysler products. These guys will have an answer for you for sure.

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    Lots of Ghias in Australia_

    Ford Fairmont Ghia
    Ford Fairlaine Ghia / LTD
    Ford Cortina Ghia
    Ford Laser Ghia etc.....

    They are still making them and are definately a big step up over the "standard" models.


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