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    What grade of oil is recommended. Are people running say 10W30 in the Summer or sticking with 5W30, What about Synthetics? And how long between changes? I'm running lincolns with 4.6 L Engines.

    I just put a new/used engine in my 70" Lincoln. No compression on one cyl. It made it to 261,000 miles. It had 100,000 when I got the car. I suspect it wasn't maintained very well before I got it.

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    i have the same engine in my 120 and i stick with synthetic 10/30 change depends on mileage watch your oil level after every use these 4.6 are known to become oil burners unless youve had the heads and seals done to new standard good luck

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    I use only 5w30 castrol gtx non synthetic oil in my fleet. I change the oil every 3000 miles or monthand a half, whichever comes first. I don't recommend synthetic oil because once you use it, you can't stop using it. TRY THE CASTROL! No problems here, and if your busy and don't get the chance to change it at 3000 it's viscosity doesn't break down, it is very good oil. I had a 70" with over 200k on it and all i used was castrol, and the car never blew a puff of smoke.

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    I have only ever used Castrol GTX 10W30 and changing it every 3000 miles, summer and winter, never had a problem and none of my vehicles have ever smoked.


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