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Thread: Limo software/reservations

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    I have bee using LimoWiz for about six months now and have not only saved on phone bills with its full compatablity with email software but also its easy to read confirmations and works great with PC Charge. I have been in the business for ten years and have not used a software that is so user friendly and takes about an hour to learn. If this company ever goes under, its surely becuase of lack of will, I will continue to upgrade as we go along and I will continue to request more features, for this is what they are great at doing.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by colorado limousine service:
    have been using a demo of both these programs lately, more limowiz recently since my demo time ran out on fasttrack, and wish i could combine the best features of each, i like the flat rate pricing and mileage tracking of limowiz and the speed and report capability of fasttrack. been holding off on a decision till after i see them both as well as others in vegas<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Creative Software:
    > An ideal software would allow us to click a button on the reservations page if we are taking a roundtrip booking and once we click on the RT button the software should allow us to enter the return info as well on the same screen, and also must generate reservation numbers automatically which can be looked up later via a query. <

    In LimoWiz 2000, entering round trips is very quick! We use a 'Ditto' feature which carries information from the previously entered trip. You just press the Ditto Key ( F10 ) on the field that you want to be similar, including Trip time and Date. Trip numbers are generated automatically by LimoWiz and can be search quickly with LimoWiz's Find window.
    For the Routing Details, you can use buttons to insert acccount address or passenger address. Flight information can quickly be entered in the Flight Window, which uses the 'Auto Complete' features to speed up data entry for the Names of Airlines and cities where airlines fly from/to.

    > Also for any travel agent bookings we should be able to input the agencys name and their commission rate which should be automatically calculated in entered into accounts payable. <

    In LimoWiz you can setup a Travel Agent commission %. This will be printed on the invoice/statement and the program does it's balancing of the Total Due of the invoice.
    On the Trip Window, the commission amount is shown at the bottom of the screen.

    There is also a reconciliation feature to zero out the commission after paying the Travel Agent.

    > I do like the option in limowiz which lets me input the name of source for a particular run, since keeping track of bookings can help us concentrate our marketing dollars in the right direction. <

    I am glad you like it.

    > We get a lot of business from the internet and I think these software manufacturers should atleast add a field for the email address next to the mailing address since we email all of our confirmations. <

    The Email address is already in LimoWiz 2000 and be used to send invoice(s) and confirmation(s) to clients.

    The latest fully functional trial is now on our website.

    Jamal Assaf
    Creative Software<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
    I have to add that you can email confirmations even if you use America Online! I have learned that you can go to confirmation, save as text and then specify a file to save to: I catagorize them by cust # i.e ac10000810-willis when i go to aol, i insert text or (attach-i have trouble with this option because msn does not decompress) so I insert text and off it goes very fast and simple, thanks...Manuel Premier Limousine, LLC

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    We have used ALERT since 1994. It was the first windows based software for the limousine industry.We find that it is an excellent reservation system. we do not use the dispatch module because we are a shared ride company and it does not support shared ride. After installing a new novell network in the fall of 1999 I awoke on Thanksgiving day to find that I could not access our reservation system. I paged Dave Linforth the current owner and was called within 45 minutes and up and running within ten minutes.
    Like all programs it has its idiosyncracies but whenever we compare it to others we end up feeling that dollar for dollar we are just as well off staying with ALERT. There are optional modules which allow you to process credit cards-page details to pagers,nestels etc.
    Incidentally we are located in Chicago's western suburbs and Dave lives in New Jersey.

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    CorporateCarOnlines On-Line Reservation and Back Office tools allow for the Return Trip and Repeat Trip functions which can be utilized by either the customer or the dispatcher during the reservation. This software flips the information and pre-fills customer information.


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