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    I have a 1987 Fleetwood six passenger limo and I'm trying to get the rear control panel (for moon roof, heat, A/C, interior lights, etc...) repaired or replaced. O'Gera Coachworks built it but since went out of business. It has "Digitran" imprinted on the circuit board but can't seem to find them either. Does anyone have any ideas on what my next step would be? I already tried MTG limo parts with no luck. Thanks.

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    I was waiting for someone else to pick up on this one !! You may try another panel for example a Mastercon. As far as I know they are mounted a little like a car radio, and you could have to buy/make a suitable backing panel. Be very careful with the electric wiring if you do it yourself, it can be embarrasing when a client switches on the reading light and the blower comes on or worse.
    Good luck Dick

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    I have a limo just like it. I am a A.S.E master certified tech. I ended up making my own control panel. It's hard to explain how it works. But all the switches work off of grounding certain pins. I would recomend looking in your local phone book for someone that specializes in auto electronics. If you have any questions that i might be able to help with call me on a week day. 602-840-7089


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