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    Anyone that is presently running a Destiny Coach Limousine I want your opinion about the limo. Workmanship,quality,ect

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    My friend has a 98 Destiny 100" and he loves it. He has done very well with it too. It doesn't have all the gingerbread that some of the others do but he gets good use of it.

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    I myself run a 120" stretch by Destiny. It is a 1999. My car doesn't look like a party limo but the corporate clients love the interior. I haven't had one single problem with the car since I purchased it in August of 1999. My interior has the dark wood accents and the clients can't seem to stop talking about how good the car is. The most important thing however is the fact that I have had no down time with the vehicle since there have been no problems. If you have any questions you can contact me at 248-388-2421 Distinguished Limousines L.L.C. in Michigan.

    Nicholas Kokas


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