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    Does anyone know where I can look up standard used limo prices? Kelley blue book and others do not include limos. I may buy a local limo co and need to know what the limo is worth. It's an 89 Lincoln 6 pass, white/navy, (not leather), 245,000 miles, new tranny and differential, new cd system, new a/c.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Refer to my response to your question in the General Industry forum. Use pricing on, ads in the Limousine Digest, or the pre-owned lists of coach builders (like Springfield Coach, Crystal, etc.) as your price guide. I found limo's advertised for sale on LimousinesOnline a little overpriced, in general.
    There are no real price guides for limos that I know of. The coach builder definitely matters. Your bank might have a contact person who specializes in appraising the loan value of limo's, as my bank (Bank of America) did. Check with them. I wouldn't consider buying that car, though.

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    N.A.D.A. has a Van/Truck Conversion and Limousine Appraisal Guide that should do the trick. I receive one a year with my NLA membership. You can call NADA at 1-800-966-6232 for info.


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