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Thread: Flash-Animation -Features?

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    I am in the process of setting up a website, and in doing so, I have been looking to see what everyone else is doing, gleening the best ideas, while remaining different enough to stand out.

    I hope to use some of the strategies that have been proven to work, without "doing what everyone else is doing."

    Many use Flash and have highly visual sites, but I find that when intro material pops up, I usually just navigate around it and get to the areas from which I need information, scheduling, fees, fleet etc.

    What are your thoughts? Do you like streaming video, Flash Media and the like, or would you prefer to get right to the point?

    I lean towards "visually stimulating," without being cluttered. I want people who visit my site to be able to quickly locate what they want, without becoming bored. (Duh...I guess that is what we all want. )

    Has anyone used the templates offered by "Limo Anywhere?" Yes, I know that is "look like everyone else path," but there may be enough flexibility in the templates to make a site unique, or not, that is why I ask.

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    Salicete I liken a web site to a typical phone call you get.

    People want information from you when they are trying to hire a limo. They do not call you up and say "What is the experience like of hiring your limo" They ask what is the price. They are already sold on the experience, the experience sells it's self, and they want it, just at the right price.

    Therefore a website should focus on the information. You can throw in the experience also since what they hell you got some room to do it. But make the info clear and the process of hiring you easy. Do not throw up any roadblocks to your customers paying you money.

    Some of those roadblocks could be:
    Music blaring out of their work computer from your website embarrassing them in front of their co workers.

    A funky cool intro page that locks up their old windows 98 computer.

    Flash animation that does not work on the companies computers because the IT guys have blocked it since there is no reason for an accounting company to have access to flash.

    Hard to find or incomplete information on the site. What if they wanted to fax over a reservation but cannot find your fax number. Stupid stuff like that.

    Some super cool euro font that barely resemble letters but looks high tech and cool and also they cannot read.
    Steve Walker

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    As Steve said, you can have a well organized website with lots of information and have something for everyone. We have tried to accomplish this on our website. Our site has a flash and HTML version, with the options to add videos and music with the click of a button.

    Ideally, I think that you could have the options such as a "Play" button for voice intros or commericals and the like, a video section if you want to stream your commercials, phone call testimonials, etc.

    Driving home Steve's point again, info info info. The more information you have on your website the easier it is to be found on the search engines AND for your customers to navigate your site.

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    Like Dad always said- follow the KISS Method: Keep It Simple Stupid.

    In other words, have pictures and lots of information. Make it easy to get around and have things well marked. The normal person will get frustrated trying to navigate around your site... then go to the next guy.

    Most are inexperienced in hiring, or know just what they want and just need to find your info and rates.

    I put it in plain english- this is my vehicle, this is the rate + tip, this is the minimum hours. Call for more info. as each trip is different.

    Put your contact info on each page. I've known people who have sent links to others or printed off a page of the vehicle they want to get to show others. Your info. will be there too, so they don't forget which company they got it from.


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