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Thread: A/C Blower Problem

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    Well, the blower on our 1998 8 Passenger Lincoln appears to be having a problem. On Wednesday, it worked just fine, but on Thursday, it appeared to have just quit.

    We have tried all sorts of diagnostics, but not being mechanics, we haven't had much luck.

    We tried swapping out the relays and checking the fuses. We tried tapping the blowers (which are located behind the passenger seat, and not easy to get to), but that didn't help either. I do not know if it is a wiring problem, or if the blower has gone kaput, but it is very frustrating.

    Any suggestions? We took it to an A/C place and they looked at it and scratched their heads trying to figure out all of the wiring that was done with the modifications to the car.

    We took it over to another place today, and they will try and look at it tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions of things to tell the mechanic to look for or look at???


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    Call the coachbuilder. Often times they can talk you through a simple repair. Or, they can give you information that would help your mechanic with the problem. One last thought, if you do not already have a wiring schematic for your car, see if the coachbuilder can get one for you.

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    The guy that we are working with doesn't have a clue who the builder was. Should it be somewhere on the car?

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by mcnallys:
    The guy that we are working with doesn't have a clue who the builder was. Should it be somewhere on the car?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    look on the drivers door. should be a sticker above or below the door latch.

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    Well, I never found who the builder was on the car, so I took another approach. I found a mechanic that works on other limousines in town, and he didn't care about the builder. He was knowledgeable enough about the car to confirm that the part I thought that we needed was in fact the right one.

    I had to drive 45 miles, one direction to get to him, but he isn't price gauging either. He told me to go ahead and order the part, have it drop shipped to him, and he will just charge me labor to install it!

    He works on the limos for about 14 companies in our area. I just decided to be pro-active and called one of the other limo company owners to see if they would talk to me, and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was more than happy to speak to me about it.

    My faith in mankind has been renewed! ;-)



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