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    It is time to renew my Ins. I am a small company in San Diego Ca, I have three 2000 120 Lincolns, I have been in business for a year. I am also a member of NLA. Any suggestions on an Ins. Companys. We are with the Ins. Company of the West and had nothing but problems when it comes to adding or deleting cars. We are still paying for a 97 Cadillac we sold in July. It is not right.
    Thanks in advance for the feedback.
    Terry Campbell
    Emerald Limousine


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    I've been with The Travelors since I started my company in 1994. I've been very pleased with the service I've received. A large reason is that my Independant Agent is great. You can look in your local phonebook for an agent that deals with Travelors. They are also great at claims service.


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