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Thread: $7 an hour and nothing in between

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    Jeff I am curious as to what state did you work for these 2 employers?

    While I am all for enforcing the laws and employers following them I do not reccomend anyone working for years in order to build up a hefty fine against thier employers (the state will take care of that if more investigation is warranted). When you find out you are being treated unfailrly file the claim then. Then next time you apply for a similar job don't take it if you know they are going to pay you illegally. Acting in bad faith only makes you the bad guy in the situation.
    Steve Walker

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    Apparently his boss wasn't completely clear with him on how they pay. Maybe he should have asked for clarification?? If you don't like the pay, find a different employer!

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    Jim: I bet you had a busy week end with the Awardes and the NASCASR race. Too bad about Kevin's flat tire.

    I agree with your comments about any of us would be proud to have this Guy as an Employee. But I guess as long as we are doing business "by the Book" he would have no reason to "turn us in" and he would not be a problem. For the Guy who likes to operate "outside the law" well he is just what the Doctor ordered.
    David E. Merrill

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    Finally I know what happened to Harvick! Well, Dave, I was enjoying the race despite being sick with a bad cold. It was nine laps to go. Harvick was 7/10's of a second behind the leader and closing in. I began having chest pains, jaw pain, tingling in my left arm and my wife said, "Get in the car NOW!" I tried to explain there were nine laps to go. But, as a medic, she thought for sure I was having a heart attack. While most people would call 911 - she is a medic so why pay for an ambulance when she can drive one? Turns out I had low oxygen which caused my heart to mimmick a heart attack. A little morphine, a beta-blocker, a little nitro, some oxygen and I was good to go. Oh, and I got an antibiotic for the bronchitis during the same vist.

    No one at the hospital cared who won the race. It was all Oscars talk. Blah! So, all I knew is that our hometown boy who looked like a sure fire winner didn't even place in the Top Five. I couldn't imagine how that happened.
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