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Thread: GCLA Meeting 01/15 6:30pm

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    The Greater California Livery Association will hold a 2002 Kick-Off Meeting on Tuesday, January 15th. The location is the Roosevelt Hotel @ 7000 Hollywood Blvd. The time is 6:30pm. Here is the agenda:
    6:30pm - Social
    7:00pm - Introductions
    7:15pm - What you need to know about drug testing (presented by George Boujie, Norton Medical)
    7:30pm - Creating & establishing a business plan (presented by Sara Eastwood-McLean, LCT Magazine)
    8:00pm - NLA Candidates, Rich Azzolino & Cheryl Berkman
    8:15pm - GCLA Business Meeting
    8:30pm - New Business

    All California limousine operators are encouraged to attend this very informative meeting and join GCLA if you have not already done so.

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    Last night, GCLA held it's monthly meeting. For those of you unable to make it, here's a recap.

    Kirk Smith from the Academy of Motion Pictures was to discuss Academy Awards info. He was a no-show. However, Abraham Reyes from the Kodak Theater/Five Star parking was there to discuss road closures, drop off locations, call-back system etc. A great amount of time was spent asking questions which he simply had no knowledge or authority to answer. Such as how long security sweeps will take and how long it will take from the time you get in the drop-off line until you get to the carpet area. I guess he forgot his crystal ball.

    The next subject was a very long, unproductive discussion about workers compensation rates. A complete education was provided by what influences rate increases, how we are categorized, how we don't get discounts for experience and how everyone had a rate increase recently. After much discussion, nothing was accomplished in an area in which we simply have no control.

    There was another lengthy conversation about whether we as an association should attempt to get the state to license chauffeurs and perform background checks on people applying for the license. What would be considered worthy of denying an application. The focus was to implement the program on our terms rather than the government dictating to us how it will be operated. There was a whole lot of conversation about "credentialing" drivers and what kind of crimes should exclude one from being a driver.

    The next meeting date is 03/12 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. The speaker will be Dennis Simmons, Attorney - who will speak on the how's of hiring and firing.


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