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    Do they build good Limos? I`m thinking of buying one,looked well built-finish was top notch but would like to hear from anyone who owns one.
    Thank You

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    i own two executive coach fantasy III. had them less then a year had a water leak in one which i fixed because am in england hard to get the warranty work done here. the second one had the number two alternator go they only got 7000 miles on . ecb sent me a new to england. apart from that every things fine the bar and the 3 tv,s are in another level to other coach builders nice neon lights as well . so many people say how nice it is . i can only say i made the right move getting the fantasy III. hope this is some help

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    I judge many builder by how cars hold up to rust in Florida and what kind response is received and results of response.
    I would not own another executive to many drive shaft problems and bar squeaks.
    I also have a friend of mine GNS in Orlando that received one of there top lemons. They attempted to repair the problems by sending his to the east coast, it was still terrible. Then they took it back and tried to repair it it still was a piece of junk when it came back. He was even willing to get another one if they would have gevin him an acceptable deal on a one year old car, but they wouldn't give him squat for their own car.
    Executive I'll pass. Oh one more thing it was already rusting.

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    I have had 3 of the 120 fantacy 3's ,I had a problem with one of them that started to bow right in the middle,it was taken back to executive and they told me it was the molding,the car was sagging all day long though.
    they never did fix it right,the other two are great I havent had a problem with either one.
    I guess it comes down to sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you domt.
    I would recomend executive to anyone though.

    Hope this helps,
    good luck.


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