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Thread: Touchup Paint on Limo

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    If you are wanting to cover scratches on your limo, what do you do after the paint has dried to make it blend in?

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    Gently is the name of the game.
    After you have touched in the scratch make sure you build the touch up paint higher than the rest of the paint,and when it is cured or hard, get some very fine wet and dry paper with lots of OOO s on it and a bucket of water.
    Wet the paper and gently sand the new paint, if necessary use a block until it has blended in with the rest of the paint. Dont worry if you have a lot of very tiny scratches where the paper has been the next step is to polish them out until the surface is the same as the rest of the car. Then finally wax the area. Voila its finished but be gentle and take your time.

    gentle luck
    Dick Hall


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