On Tues. Oct. 28th., Steve Pixley and I, acting in behalf of the Great Lakes Limousine Association, attended the Michigan Transit conference meeting on charter rules and regulations. The conference was put together by MDOT to try to bring the public and private sector's together to try to identify each others role in the over transportation picture. Because of time constraints, it was impossible to resolve any issues but the ground work was laid to meet again.

For thoes who have been following the Forum, know we have, in addition to Gypsie's, a problem here in Michigan of the local tax funded transits trying to run Limousine services at way below market rates.

Our efforts seem to have paid off. After filing several complaints with the FTA, I guess they just got tired of us and asked MDOT to make the problem "go away".

The Private sector is willing to work together to meet the common goal of providing a ride to any one who request it, we only hope the Public sector feels the same and is willing to work with us.

David E. Merrill