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Thread: Strange Oil Leak

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    Here's a stumper...

    I have a 1993 Lincoln Limousine with a little under 100k on it. I have noticed a small puddle of oil under the car after it sits for several days. When I use the car and park it, there is no dripping or leak. Even after the car sits overnight there is no leak. However, if the car sits for several days, the puddle shows up. I've crawed under the car and cannot find the source.I had the mechanic look underneath and he does not see anything. My guess is that the area is drying before I check it. Guessing again, I am wondering if some type of gasket is drying out over the course of the several days. It has be VERY hot in my area.

    Your input is appreciated....

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    The only problem I had that was similar to what you say was a power steering flexi hose, depending on the position of the wheels sometimes it would leak and sometimes not, eventually we found it but we pulled our hair out for some time. Best of luck.

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    It probably is the oil filter adapter housing gasket, where the oil pump meets the block of the engine. It is any $8.00 part, but it takes a while to change it becasue the location under the engine. You may have to drain some collant when you go to replace it. If it only does it when it sits then it is only a matter of time until it starts to leak when running.


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