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    I have subcontracted to bigger outfits many times in my career. For the most part I was treated fairly. These experiences made me a better operator as I continued down the path of building my own Book Of Business. With your own Book of Business you don't have to depend on the kindness of strangers. It is said by many that only Guppies wait for a handout, and then cry when the portion isn't big enough. I say that the only thing that counts is to build your own business so you control the course of action.
    Dean Schuler

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    Spoken like a true Republican.
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    Just want to clarify a few things.

    We also work with over 20 different affiliates / networks. Have never had a problem at all.

    The only reason I decided to work with Carey was to establish a relationship , thinking that it would be built on honesty and trust , as well as mutual respect.

    We have built a very nice book , and like I said , we would have had our entire fleet booked for the Super Bowl regardless. In fact , every job we had was 2 - 3 days of reservations.

    I have never taken a handout , or asked for one. I started this company in the aftermath of 911 , with no credit , no money , no rich uncles.

    I was looking to build another relationship. Plain and simple.

    I made a mistake in trusting their spoken word.
    They , like so many , over promised and under delivered.

    As far as the republicans go : I have a brother on city council who as a republican is only of of 4 they have made it through the liberal wall of NW Ohio to get that job in a very long time.

    I was an advisor for a friend and helped get him elected to city council in the city I live as a republican. My Oldest brother ran for State Senate as a republican. My dad , who helped raise all 11 kids on a cops salary was one of the founders of the Ohio Right To Life.

    I , too am a veteran. Bailed out when Clintock got elected.

    Sadly , the republicans have nearly ruined Ohio with their anti - business taxes and policies.

    Let's all hope and pray that Ken Blackwell gets elected and can restore faith and honor to a polluted pool of teet suckers.

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    Most of our Special Events are for Destination Management Companies. We always work with a contract. Frankly, I think Tony's post under Detroit Super Bowl said it all.
    Dean Schuler

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    After dealing with companies around the world as a 'corporate type' in my previous life my insistence on contracts for special events has more to do with simply avoiding misunderstandings than whether or not I trust someone. It is quite possible for both parties to have the best of intentions yet still not be aligned when it comes to product delivery or payday unless it is in writing.

    Even our customers are delivered a contract from us when we are doing large group transfers (say 50-200 passengers arriving throughout the day at the airport for a group event and leaving the next day). We spell out our expectations from the customer and also spell out exactly what we agree to deliver, plus various contingency clauses. On the rare occasion we have hiccups or 'near misses' we analyze them and ensure appropriate verbiage is added to the base contract or contingency section to be in there for both parties to agree to in the next go 'round.
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