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Thread: Insurance Deductible $$$

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    Does anyone set aside the deductible amount which is readily available just in case? I know it can amount to a lot of money so I just thought I'd ask.

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    Karl Jones

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    I've heard of people doing this. They'd put $1,000 into some sort of savings account and even let it collect interest. But don't jinx yourself by planning for a rainy day and it hasn't even drizzled yet. Good risk management, driver supervision, and vehicle maintenance are key to avoiding claims. Keep your noses clean and you won't have to ever use the deductible. Especially in today's insurance marketplace, most people are finally realizing that a cracked windshield or dented bumper should be taken care by the limo company, not the insurance company. Insurance is not a maintenance plan and should generally be used for the catastrophic events. Insurers are looking at frequency as well as severity nowadays. Don't end up being nonrenewed or gouged with a higher premium because of the little claims.

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