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Thread: Quick Poll - Who's still on DOS?

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    I can't believe I have to post this in the year 2003! However, we send work to a lot of different markets and are exposed to many different operators (and their software).

    I am STILL seeing the standard LMS Gold confirmations come back on around 23% of my farms! Are people out there STILL on Dos or at least EMULATING a DOS application in WinDOSE?

    I see a TON of people on Limoware DOS or LMS Dos and wonder - WHY? I KNOW Dick Barnabey and Nick at LMS have a Windows version by now. And Limoware? What the heck is going on here?

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    If it ain't broke don't fix it!!

    My boss is still on LMS gold for DOS, I cannot get him to even look at an e-mail program much less an entire new software package that he uses every day. He has learned it and that's all he is going to do, period.

    Us young guys will do all the upgrading, cannot teach old dogs new tricks ;-)

    Steve Walker
    Azusa, CA


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