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Thread: bleeding the air out of the engine coolant

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    how do you do this on a 1997 lincoln besides letting the car run with the radiator cap removed.

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    I was always taught never leave the radiator cap off, you can get burned with hot coolant. Run your engine until normal operating temperature comes on, then turn your heater on to max temp. and run the heater blower motor at max. the air will get into the radiator coolant overflow and escape normally.
    Then check and top up the coolant level.
    Take care
    Dick Hall

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    Drainthe entire system of it's coolant. Then turn both fron and rear heaters on, and fill it back up. With the rear on this will pull the coolant to the back also, make sure you have plenty of coolant in front of you, you can't pour one in and then stop to open anothe, have about 3 gallons ready to go as your doing this so their in no gap in between, once you do this, your air problem will be gone.


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