Here's a scenario:

'93 Chrysler Caravan, with over 150K. Not a bad van, but it sure has its quirks.

Anyway, the brakes just went out. I wasn't driving, but from what I was told, when someone first showed up to help, the brake fluid container was alleged to be empty.

After the van was towed to a local dealer, with whom we thought we had a decent relationship, we first were told it was covered under a recall warranty.

Somehow, after a couple hours and their "inspection", we're told somebody put some wrong fluid into the containter, contaminated it, and not only is the recall possibility void, there is now some unGodly repair estimate out there.

I once had a master cylinder in a smaller foreign pickup replaced for considerably less than half of what these guys are asking AND we are not buying the contaminated fluid story, because myself and the owner are pretty damned good about keeping an eye on that stuff and taking care of it. I'm especially persnickety, because I've driving older vehicles forever, nearly, and keeping up on the fluids is like second nature for me.

I've got one other mechanic buddy who says the whole story sounds like a line of bull.

Additionally, he indicated that the master cylinder for an ABS system should NOT be all that much higher than standard brakes.

Is it possible for you to give an assessment, at least just to soothe my curiosity?