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Thread: Message or music playing for customers while they are on hold.

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    Are there any options other than a PBX phone system, for my customers to hear my promo material while they are on hold? I have a single phone line. What are all options?

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    Do you plan on buying more than a single phone line?
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    Check out this website
    They have what you are looking for starting at about $30

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    Our company has a Digital On Hold system from Muzak for the past several years - it connects straight into our phone system. We have different messages for different times of the year. One for the Holidays, an other during Prom Season, Rodeo Season and just normal recording for any other time of the year. We have been very happy with the system.

    However, with a single phone line, I don't know what options you might have other then what your local phone company can provided. When a call comes in from your call waiting and you click to the next line, I believe all the other caller hears while on hold is silence.

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    I have only one line now, just getting off the ground. I'm sure I will be upgrading to multiple lines at the appropriate times. Any ideas on cost for a 3 or 4 line PBX system, maybe even a used on? If anyone has one for sale at a reasonable rate, I may go that route. Thanks.

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    Check with your local phone company. Some have a deal for 4 lines. This way you could dedicate 3 for calls and one for internet and fax. In most cases you can lease the equipment and upgrade later if needed. They do all the installation and maitenance too.

    Doesn't mean you have to go with them, but it's a cheap (free) consiltation and you can ask a lot of questions while your "still thinking" about what you need.

    Some play radio stations, but make sure you get permission from the station in writing to "re- broadcast" their stuff. Most will be more than happy to let you, since you advertise for them free!


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