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Thread: ask A.S.E master certified tech

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    I am a A.S.E master certified thech that now owns a limousine company. I specialize in limousine repair on the side. I am willing to answer any questions that anyone might have about repairs on there limousines.

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    which side do you repair? Left or Right?

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    Thanks for being here! A lot of questions do come up here on the vehicle troubleshooting side and I am sure you will be of great help.

    Michael, CEO & Founder

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    Can you please respond to the other posting in this forum concerning intermitent ABS warning lights on Lincolns, I have 97 Towncar that this problem has existed on for several years and no one has successfully resolved to this date, Lincoln or independent.

    Thank You,

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    My son is 18 and has pased all test of the ASE testing for auot . I am a Chrysler tech have been for some years. I can rebuild just about any trans
    out in service and am not a ASE tech. Should you call a Ase tech or a Teck that has the year behind him to give you am opinion.
    We have 3 ASE techs in our shop, the wall has better answers and more experiance then they do.

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    the lite comes on when the voltage drops below a certain point and the relay opens. It has nothing to do with the brakes. Shut down as much electrical equipment as possible and run the car, when the voltage builds up the lite will go out.
    I resolved this with bigger alt. and duel batteries, (constant not on demand setup)
    Goldstarr Limousines VA.

    Jack Williams

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    have been having ongoing problem....check engine lite comes on...after fixing all code problems..i.e. O2 sensors etc...lite still comes on...code reads problem with low speed fan, my mechanic says there was about a 3 month window where lincoln had something where it showed a two speed fan even tho there was a single fan...this is on a 96 lincoln t/c stretched by krystal....any thoughts, suggestions, etc.
    thanks in advance

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    This is for the person asking about the abs light on a 97 lincoln, I have seen and fixed this problem before.
    There are ABS sensors on the front wheels,they are located behind the rotors and there is a wire lead to them,they get dirty and send the signal that your abs is failing.
    To repair this problem you just pop those old ones out and put in new ones,it is a little tougher than I make it sound though.

    I hope this helps anyone who is having this problem.


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