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Thread: custom grills

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    were can i find a custom grill for a 1995 cadillac fleetwood limo.

    reginald barnes

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    They recently had a discussion about grills on the other message board I visit:
    Impala SS fourms

    They were talking about a billet grille from homies hydraulics. The phone number is in the picture they have two styles, each aroung $300.00:

    Another source is E&G Classics, A bit pricey though I heard a mention of an 800.00 grille for the fleetwood??
    E&G Classics Fleetwood page
    Check out the ones for the escalades if you have one, look sharp!!
    Also E&G has one for the town cars:
    E&G Classics Town Car page


    Steve Walker
    Azusa, CA


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