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Thread: Need Help about my driving record.

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    I've been wanting to become a chauffeur, I even contacted a company about a job opening. Well the guy said to send him a DMV print out. I got my DMV printout and it was clean of course, and I was proud. Well not two days after getting the print out I got into an accident that happened to be my fault. I didnt get a ticket or anything but I did rear end someone.
    Now do I not have a chance in getting a job or is there still hope for me? I know everyone here is experienced so please help me. Thanks

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    Accidents happen. You probably do have a chance but don't expect to go to work for a company like Mr. Luff's. (first class) You will probably have to start out at a second rate company (or a "meat grinder" Black Car Company) for a while until you prove your worth and word gets out you are in reality a good Driver and better yet, a good Chauffeur.
    David E. Merrill

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    Accidents ushually don't show up on your DMV printouts anyways. It's up to you if you disclose this to potential employers. If asked on a form or straight out, DON'T LIE! Being dishonest will be worse to that employer.

    If you can't be truthful with your accident, how will they expect you to be honest with them on minor stuff??


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