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Thread: Insurance in Colorado

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    I am looking for some names of companies besides Northland who I can get Limousine coverage from in Colorado. More specificly in Denver. Any help would be appreciated. Good day to you.

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    i am currently with northland, but have heard mixed news if they are staying in colo or not...stay away from the hartford

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    Hello Mike,

    I have heard many stories about limo insurance in Colorado. I might be of some help. Contact me as soon as you can and we can see what we can do for you.

    Competitive Insurance Program for Limos. Call Now! (800) 488-9018 ext. 210

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    Well the all dreaded insurance topic:
    I will throw my two bits in. HRH Ins is a very well organized insurance in portland oregon and I speak very highly of them we have been insured with them for about a year now and the have been the utmost responsible when handling accounts.
    Al Ochosa knows his stuff so if you are an operator who is struggling to find insurance then pick up the phone and call him. Also be sure to bring a bag of questions he will be at the show in vegas and he welcomes all of you.

    P.S. Hey Al I hope my Insurance goes down for the plug.


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