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Thread: neon around headliner, and rear defroster,feedback in intercom

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    i need to know the best and quickest way to test for a reason my passenger side neon headliner neon will not light up. i have a 1997 120"uscoach and if it is a transformer can a person purchase them at a local store or dealer? also my rear defroster is not functioning any suggestions? the fuses are okay. i also have feedback so loud i can't use my unit to talk with the passengers. intercom. there i remembered the name. duh

    Thank You

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    With what appears to be three electrical faults whilst you can buy and wire in a new transformer, it would really be worth your while to find a good auto electrician. You could have a simple problem but unless you know what you are doing, leave well alone.
    It would not be good for smoke to appear in the rear compartment with passengers on board. Kinda gives a bad image let alone smell!!!
    Good luck Dick


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