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    I love hearing about the limo and hire car industry worldwide, but I never hear of anyone in the U.S stretching / using FORD cars there. Are they considered not "upmarket enough", are they too dear?

    If you would like to look a picture of an AUSTRALIAN FORD FAIRLAINE LTD then:

    This is the current shape fairlaine and already I have seen a few that have been stretched. About 90% of limos in oz are FORDS.

    What do you think??


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    G`day mate!Most of the stretches in Canada & the U.S.A. are Lincolns(FORD) only because,I think,they are the only rear wheel drive cars left in production.Some of the names your Fords have-FALCON,FAIRLANE & FAIRMONT were dropped here years ago.Cadillac (General Motors)is starting to get back on the scene with their new models which seem to have had pretty good reviews recently and also look good stretched.Your Fairlane looks similiar to our Crown Victoria or the upmarket Grand Marquis.


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