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Thread: Thinking about adding a bus... Any thoughts?

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    Hello, I'm a small operator. I'm thinking about adding a bus to my fleet of two 120's. I have had some interest in this new market. Just wondering if anyone has any feedback from thier customer's. Also where would be a good start to look for financing. As you know these buses can be expensive. And for a small operator I wonder if they are worth the investment. My service area is Washington D.C. VA and MD. Just any thoughts at all and I would be thankful.

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    As administrators of, I can say there is a lot of inquiries from consumers requesting MINI-BUSES and LIMO-COACH type vehicles. Surprisingly, the requests are for charter services such as anniversaries, bachelor parties, and the like. You would think that most inquiries for bus/mini-bus type vehicles would be corporate in nature. However, I have not found this to be entirely accurate based on the requests placed at this site.

    I would recommend looking into Limo-Bus type vehicles -- we get a lot of inquiries for these! (14-18 passenger variety) -- these types of vehicles are perfect for the charter type consumer (parties, nights-out) as well as corporate. If you go with the standard airport type mini-bus, you may loose out on these other types of reservations and limit yourself to corporate/airport only.

    Then again, my opinion is soley based on the lead information that comes in-and-out of this site on a daily basis.

    Hope this helps.


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