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    I have a Triple Black 1998 Cadillac Fleetwood Limited (its actually a DeVille stretched 12 inches) and called a Fleetwood. There were about 800 of them built between 1998-99 so its a fairly rare car. I am in need of 2 things.
    First off I would like to change out the wheels. They are hideous. But they are 6 x 4.75 (6 lug x 4.75) Very hard to find. Actually I haven't found ANY! I have been looking for awhile.

    Secondly I lost the Passenger Side Fender Skirt. I need one of these. Any info. on any of these items would greatly be appreciated.
    Thanks again,

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    Hi JP,

    I am very interested in the Cadillac limited version because I currently have the regular 98 deville. I love that car, but I'd love to have the extra 6 inches on my car for more room in the back. They're tough to find, but I'm really content with my Deville and would have a hard time parting with it.

    I just wanted to let you know that the lug pattern on my car is the same as a chevrolet impala's. In fact, my car has impala cop rims on it right now for snow tires.. I was on a limited budget at the time of purchase, but the deal was good. The offset and everything on my impala rims is the same as my stock cadillac rims. It's worth looking into not because I'd recommend cop rims for your car, but you could get some nice aftermarket rims that could fit your car easier with those dimensions. Also, look into wire rims (knock off versions). They look excellent on that year. I'm not an expert on the fleetwood limited, but it looks like it has the same rims that my regular deville has. They really had no reason to change lug patterns on that year cadillac. It's just one extra expense and inconvenience that I don't think they were looking at doing when they modified those cars in Ohio. Look into it. Best of luck to you.
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