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Thread: The Truth about Livery Coach Software

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    I was one of the original users of Livery Coach, and hearing all the negative talk about this product is disappointing since it all surrounds a version (and company ownership) that no longer exists. Back in 1997 Livery Coach was owned by a couple who had absolutely no experience in the limousine industry. A programmer husband and marketing wife that I believe originally had good intentions - but recieved far more than they bargained for when dealing with the limousine industry. The diversity of our companies, different markets / geographic locations, and varying computer experience of our personnel can all make any software product cringe. They were ill equipped to handle such a task primarily because they didn't understand "the business".

    We were plagued with empty promises, 3rd party software problems (Microsoft Access), a lack of support personnel, and their unrealistic expectations. The software has 3 main modules: Reservations & Scheduling, Trip Book Reconciling, and Operations Maintenace to store customization options. When I used to encounter problems with Trip Book and Operations Maintenance their reply was "Well, most people only use it as a vehicle scheduler". Then I ask "Why bother saying that it will do anything other than schedule your vehicles?" That was the beginning of a pool of issues whose "deep end" eventually extended to infinity.

    Part of their downfall was in the form of a letter I wrote on 12/31/97 that was eventually circulated to other main "players" in the industry. Here is a brief excerpt from that now infamous letter:

    "Dear *******, It is interesting that you can never seem to find a phone yet you can always find the time to write out a letter and fax it to me. Before I was a customer I never had a problem getting through to you, now, twelve months later, I’m not even sure you work there.

    The four of us in my office stand around the computer and wonder how anyone can really be using this program. There seems to be more bugs than a basement in Chinatown. The system “issues” that I have found go right to the heart of the functionality of the program. These are not “odd” requests, or procedures that no other company would use. After all, I’m not asking the program to do anything that you say it can’t do – and you were the ones that built those features into the program in the first place!"

    Ok, so now you get the idea of how frustrating it was to myself and many others. Shortly after the circulation of this letter, the company folded. I, and a few other choice individuals continued using the program - hobbling along with numerous errors, hangs, and crashes, all with no support. For 2 1/2 years I made numerous phone calls and attended every trade show searching for another system that I could use. But, even with all the problems and no one to help in an emergency - nothing... nothing even came close to the visual dynamic and ease of use that Livery Coach offered.

    Enter Dennis Adams and Celebrity Limousine. A true limousine service "owner" who also saw promise in the product. At first I was sceptical when approached with the "ALL NEW LIVERY COACH" software. Would I be foolish enough to buy this product not once... but twice? Dennis offered me a personal guarantee. The product was totally re-vamped and fixed. Yes, it actually worked. But let me tell you, buying it for a second time was painful - but one of the best decisions I ever made. I have owned the "new" Livery Coach for just over 1 year now and it has grown by leaps and bounds. Support is always available - yet you barely need it. The "old" Livery Coach didn't even have a manual. The "new" Livery Coach has a 3 inch thick manual with diagrams that detail every option. While clicking around the product I see many enhancements that I personally suggested. The "old" owners would charge each individual company to implement their suggestions. Dennis uses those ideas to enhance the value of his product - and then distributes those new benefits to all when the time to upgrade comes.

    He indeed wants to make the best product possible - for he uses it himself. For those interested I am not on any payroll - I am simply sharing my views on a product that has gotten a "bad rap". Enough is enough... aside from the name (which Dennis probably wishes he changed) - this software is in a league of its own.

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    Correct to a point. Mr. Lindsay's letter was forwarded to me when I was an N.L.A. Director. As a Director I was bound by the by-laws to start an investigation. I too had the product and experienced numerous problems with it.Computer wizard Harold Dulitz led the charge to rid the industry of these folks. Numerous letters were gathered as documentation and some were published in Association Newsletters. Casey Hughes, a member of one of Clinton's internet commisions was contacted. Mr Cohen threw them out of his show and the magazine. Tommy was advised of the situation, and sided with the truth. The FTC was our next move, but the original livery coach went out in August 1998, screaming and kicking. The role of the NLA Board has been talked about before, no need to bring it up again. Mr. Lindsey's letter started the process. The new version is completely different software and Mr Dennis B. Adams is a man of impeccable reputation.

    Dean Schuler

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    I need to add that Mr. Lindsey is a long-time respected operator, writer, and seminar speaker for the industry. This is a completely different program, and to receive Mr. Lindsey's endorsement is impressive indeed.

    Dean Schuler

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    I want to mention that I have had two very good experiences with software: Easy Trip, which saved my@@@ after the aforementioned debacle and Fast Trak, the software we use now.

    Dean Schuler

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    I build software on Microsoft Access. It is a very stable platform. Probably the most stable of them all. The true problem usually rests in the hands of those who create the system.

    As a limousine company owner and software creator I have been faced with the issue of how best to serve the limousine industry as a whole with my software abilities.

    So for now, after years of improvements, I have decided to place my system in the hands of the industry for testing and feedback. FOR FREE! This way, by the time it gets to the market place it should have passed a true free inspection from limousine operators around the globe.

    This is the only way to get things right. I have encountered next to zero bugs in my system. Yet, I understand that each company has different issues, desires, and needs from a database system.

    So here you go! A real deal that no one can argue over. A free software system from an estabilshed limousine operator in Atlanta, GA.

    This way I can get real feedback so changes can be made without money issues on either side, and I get to help those out there in the toughest of times.

    Need the real deal? Call on me. And we'll help each other out!

    Lon Passoff
    (877) 527-LIMO


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