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    Does any one know about Great Lakes Coach?
    How are their cars? Where are they located?
    Do they have a website? If so Any one know the address?

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    This company is located in northern MI. in port sanillac (not sure about the spelling.)
    They are a good company now if you are thinking about getting one from them new,beware of their used limos though,you might be getting someone elses headaches.
    As far as the web site goes,I never heard of one.

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    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for or not, but the only Great Lakes Limo I know of is this one. The guy I talk to there is named Rick. His fax #(810)622-0060, tel. #(810)622-9627. The address is 1993 N. Lakeshore Road, Carsonville,MI 48419. I have a 1996 NCE and he was the guy who did final wiring inspections and warranty work for NCE before they went belly-up. Super nice guy if you can get hold of him. I think they are understaffed. Call 7:30-3:30 CST.
    Good Luck!


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    I have a limobus that I purchased from Ohio Limousine (Greg) he said he had recently had the interior done at Great lakes coach, They seem to have done a good job. I do not have his number handy but he runs ads for limos for sale often, you might try the limo digest classifieds for his location

    Jack Williams


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