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Thread: Groan in Steering

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    Ok Limo Dr.'s, I have a groan sound when I am turning corners. Can you give me a diagnosis please? Oops, sorry, I meant in my car's steering.

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    I'm assuming that the problem is one with a car and not you personally (because I often groan while driving). Although I am not a mechanic, I can tell you I had the same problem. Turned out to be some seals on the powersteering unit had gone bad and I was low on fluid. I had two choices. One was to replace the power steering box (expensive), and the other was to have the seals rebuilt (less expensive and no guarentee). I took the cheaper method and so far so good. Check your fluid level and look for leaks. Good Luck.

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    its normal on full lock if its doing it quite often make sure your levels are ok ive just renewed a power steering box with new seals this is ok when you have a leak but normally the shaft gets worn and needs replacing but the seals will last a bit

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    Its possible that your swaybar rubbers may need greasing if your limo groans when starting to move from forward or reverse or vice versa.

    Also check that the steering rack is bolted tightly to the chassis if the noise is present when going left to right at any time with car not moving!



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