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Thread: Info on LCT show in Las Vegas

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    If anybody can give me information on where the show is, who can go, how much does it cost, or any information regarding this it will be greatly appreciated!
    Thank You
    Ray @ International Limousine

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    hi i may be able to help, vital information includes:

    February 5-7 2001
    The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas
    prices per person ranges from $160 - $210
    (depending on day and time)
    they have rooms at the hotel at a price of $169 a night, but you do get a 700 square foot room!
    well i hope thats a help, thats all i know, but im not going. im in england!
    try contacting LCT?: 21061 S. Western Avenue, Torrnace, CA 90501, USA.
    Hope thats a help. tom kiernan-hunt.

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    where do you buy your passes and how much do they charge to get into the show ???...


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