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    I'd like visitors of my web site to be able to use resources provided by Limousinesonline, but I haven't included a link to it out of fear that I would get charged for customers that came from my web site filling out a quote-request form on Limosonline. Does Xenefox have a solution to this?
    People should be able to shop around, I just don't want to have to pay for offering that option.

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    At the present time, we are working on a content sharing system which would allow members and other limo companies to utilize our search database. This is one of the things we are ironing out in our re-engineering process. We are doing our best to architect a system that is fair and safeguards against extra fees.

    Nonetheless, at the present time, you are welcome to list any of our directory subclassifications which would send users only to a particular region...

    For example, on your website you can have:

    Need a limo in Manhattan? Visit:

    This can be done with any of our classifications-- all our classifications are bound in the "cities" subdirectory. Simply visit the city you would like to link to, grab the URL, and link to it.

    Need a limo in Orlando?


    We will PAY YOU per-click in the future to establish such links.


    Any further questions, please post.
    Thank you!


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