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Thread: New Hybrid Software by Limo Anywhere

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    Just wanted share THE GOOD NEWS with or customers and prospects.

    Limo Anywhere has released a new add-on component called Limo Anywhere Local (aka LA Local) that allows you to store offline copy of your dispatch on your local computer.

    What this means is that in case your internet connectoin goes out and you can't access your "live" Limo Anywhere database, or if you like to carry around your laptop with you in the car (but don't have a wireless connection at all times) you can install this small application and LA Local will automatically download your reservation data every 30 minutes and store it on your hard drive while you are connected to the internet.

    Basically with Limo Anywhere and Limo Anywhere Local you get the best of both worlds! You have a system that you can access from ANYWHERE to manage your business and in case you can't get online, you have the local version that will keep your dispatch "alive" until you're back online.

    This was something that we've been wanting to do for a long time now and we finally did it!

    Anyone attending the LCT show this year, stop by our booth (#54) to learn more about this application and Limo Anywhere in general.

    Everyone else can read more about it at

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    Hi max,

    I look forward to seeing this feature first hand at the show. You guys have really done a great job with Limo Anywhere.

    Thanks keep up the great work!

    Hamilton Limo
    Marcus Rosen
    Hamilton Limo

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    Thanks Marcus! We'll see you guys at the show.


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