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    Hi guys! First time caller
    We are looking to upgrade our back office reservation software, I come across all king the software ( Fastrack,Limomagic,Blue Nexus, Some are very cleaver, The navigation and some of then is not that clear ( to many button) .
    Recently I come across CCO, Corporate Car Online this guys offer a internet solution.
    I like to hear from some of the customers and also I like to see what you guys think of that solution.

    Looking forward for your feedback

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    I've tried a couple of software systems and I must say that none of them compare to CCO (CorporateCarOnline). The CCO system provides electronic reservations, invoicing, credit card processing, receipts and so much more. I use to have a ton of paper cluttering my office and now everything is done electronically.

    The staff is great. I make suggestions regarding enhancements to the system. They check with other users and if it seems like a useful enhancement, they make it happen. None of this waiting for the next version to come out.

    Spend some time working on your website. Spend some time showing your corporate clients how easy it is to make reservations using your website. They will love the email confirmations and electronic receipts. The time you spend with them will pay for itself in the long run.

    CCO is truly the software of the future and I think you will start to see many more companies modeling their design. I am so confident in CCO that I signed a 3 year contract with them after using them for just 1 year.

    If you have any further questions, please email me. I would be happy to help.

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    There system is nice but I have a problem with somebody else keeping back ups and having control over your accounts. What happens if they shut down in the middle of the night where does this leave you?
    Don't say it can't happen.

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    There are many advantages to having someone else maintain your data and backups.
    First of all, the staff at CCO are IT professionals and do this for a living.
    This lets you focus on running your business, instead of worrying about your PC backups.
    If lightening hit your building or a virus knocked out your computer this would leave YOU to do the data restore and get back up and running.
    The CCO servers are redundant and in a secure telecommunications facility with serveral power sources as well as backup generators.
    CCO also has a data download feature to allow you to download your data at any time.
    Being an online system it is also available whether you are at home, office, or in the car.


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