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Thread: Limousine supply companies

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    Are there any other Limosine supply companies besides Infinite Innovations or Modern Technologies Group?
    I ordered catologs from both of these companies and they are very resourcefull, but I was just wonering if ther were any more that anyone knows of.


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    You found the two companies I like best. We buy from both and have had only good results.

    We had a problem with delivered goods arriving damaged (chrome wheel well lips). We phoned Infinite Innovations and they reshipped the same day. They didn't even require we ship the bad ones back to them (just had us destroy them).

    If you're not subscribing to LCT Magazine, you are missing a wealth of information as well as the advertisements from other vendors. Additionally, you should attend the convention in Las Vegas to personally talk with the vendors (always nice to connect faces to the phone voices). Also, go to all the classes you can fit into your day. Even after 20 years, there was still something to learn.

    Last but not least, find an AMSOIL dealer and switch all of your cars to their synthetic oils, transmission fluid, gear lube, etc. Sign up as a commercial account and you get it much cheaper than retail. Make sure you find a dealer that actually knows something about cars and is not just a salesman. Call me if you want a reference.

    We picked up better than 10% gas mileage (regular gas here is $1.69 today) and both the engines and transmissions run much cooler (translate that to longer life). We can idle, with the AC on, in 110 weather and not overheat. Their grease is fantastic and especially good for limos, since we regularly overload the rear bearings.

    Sincerely, Susan Lundquist
    Ultra Limousine Service
    Woodland, CA 95695


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