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    I am thinking of entering into the limo business. I have an opportunity to buy a six pass. Honda accura for four k. Is this reasonable?

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    Never start a company with a "specialty" vehicle. They make you less money than a standard 6 or 8 or 10 passenger. If you can only have one car, get a late model 10 passenger (1995 to 1997 depending on what you can afford) and work to build business. Why are they selling that car and why is it priced at that? If a limo company is selling, is it because it's not making them money? Usually the only reason companies sell is, too old, to many problems, not making enought money.

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    I would just like to respond to your question about the Limo. You should buy a ten Passenger Lincoln, anywhere in the 90's. This Honda would be more of a toy then anything else. No reputable person would rent your car unless it was for a Prom. Those aren't the kinds of people that you want in your limo. If you play your cards right you will be able to get a nice car for under 300 a month, and make lots of money. Don't buy a 6 passenger as your first car. You need a limo that can be used by anyone who calls you its gota be big, and white to get the real bucks. Hope that helps you out. Keith...


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